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Library and Board History: 

In July of 1913, a group of ladies met in the Meeker Hotel Parlors to form the local Woman's Club. This club soon established the Public Library. This library was housed in one of the first Army Headquarters building, still standing since before Meeker's founding. It occupied two rooms and cost them $7.50 a month (about $200 today). In this small building was only one bookshelf and a few chairs. After five years of the Woman's club being responsible for everything to do with the library, a resolution was finally met. At the town election in April of 1918, the citizens voted that the library be maintained by the Town of Meeker. A contract was then created between the Town of Meeker and The Woman's Club. A library board was then established on May 6, 1918. The current mayor became the chairman, he then appointed one councilman and four Woman's Club members to serve a two year term, this meant that the club members still has control of the library, even though the Town of Meeker technically owned it. The Meeker Regional Library District was founded in 1974. 

Building History:

The building that currently houses the Meeker Public Library has seen many different businesses. The building has stood for over 100 years, occupied by a general merchant store, hardware store, photo studio, rec center, and many more businesses. The Meeker Public Library took over the building in 2008, since constructing an add on to the building as well including a bigger meeting room (which can be reserved) and an outdoor space for patrons to enjoy all year around. 


History of Meeker

Here you can view the library's website about the history of Meeker, take a virtual tour around the town, and learn more about the history of the library!

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